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“JC Rural Studies Project: Year 13” in Thaidum Community, Punpin District, Surat Thani
14 พ.ค. 2562

Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication took 15 students and instructors on ‘JC Rural Studies Project – Year 13’ to Tubchan village, Krood sub-district, Punpin district, Surat Thani during May 4-13, 2018.

About 60 years ago, Thaidum community migrated from Petchaburi – Nakornpathom provinces to Punpin, Suratthani. (Previously they migrated down from northern Vietnam.) Tubchan villagers are Thaidum tribe who have their own language and culture.

The project participants together with the villagers had created two community media:

(1) Encourage youth in the community to play an active role in carrying on Thaidum traditions. They produced a 2-minute video clip which will be showed as an introduction to ‘Thaidum studies’ – a local curriculum for grade 4-6 at Trai-ngarm school in Takam sub-district, Punpin district.

(2) Provide information on ‘Toong Pak Kor – Kaem Ling Project” which is in land dispute with the villager’s farming area. They produced a video clip and wrote an article on the community’s Facebook in an attempt to shed light on the unclear issues and share information on how the Kaem Ling project had affected the farm land that villagers used for over 60 years.

Students’ evaluation of the project showed that they had an opportunity to use and apply what they learned in class to produce media that really got used. They realized that team work is key to success. Students reflected that this project benefited them in many ways, for instance, it helped boost their self-confidence, widen their attitude, have a chance to try new things, learn how to live a simple life and take care of each other. They determined to keep improving themselves. Students also extended their appreciation to 4 instructors who joined in this project and coached media production on site. They felt that they learned so much and the hands-on experience they got from the instructors really helped improve the quality of the work.